Borsan Profile Pipe Iron Steel

Borsan carries out a production with reduced error rate to minimum and carries out quality controls in accordance with standards and customer demands. This process continues from the procurement of the raw material to the transportation of the product to you.

Our Quality Policy

By using resources effectively, economically and efficiently, we realize reliable, accurate and sound productions in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

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Our Environmental Policy

In order to leave a livable world for future generations, we are adopting the principles of Sustainable Development in all our fields of activity, making production more environmentally friendly.

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Occupational Safety Policy

By developing occupational health and safety awareness of our employees, we create ergonomic, healthy and safe work environments.

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One Hundred Percent Domestic Production

Industrial Pipes

We can produce according to your request.

Industry Pipes

It is mainly used in areas such as building elements.

Steel Construction Pipes

It is used in construction of residential and industrial buildings.

Galvanized Pipes

Pipes and profiles made of galvanized sheet metal.

Steel Construction Profiles

It is used in the construction of residential and industrial type buildings.

Greenhouse Pipes

They are industrial pipes made of material suitable for the tests.